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Monday, January 29, 2018
By Chris Garner - TPS Photography
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Just before Christmas, we were able to get Miss Hadley in the studio for a portrait. Hadley's grandparents wanted just one portrait which summed up Hadley's sweet, solemn personality. The request seemed so simple, but was actually quite complex. This actually required two trips to the studio. The first day, it turned out that Hadley was sick and we didn't know it...but she was acting very grumpy. One of the best things about TPS Photography, though, is that we absolutely guarantee our work. If a child isn't cooperating during a session, we gladly reschedule the session for another day at no additional fee. The second day that Hadley came in was a different story. She was feeling better, and was much more open to being in front of the camera. We always try to "read" a child's personality at our complimentary portrait consultation, which happens a week or so before the portrait session. It was evident that Hadley was extremely sweet, but also very pensive. Her grandparents were thrilled with the result, even calling a week or so after the portrait session to thank us again for capturing her in this way. 

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