Forces of Nature: Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine February 2018 cover photo
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Thursday, February 01, 2018
By Cathy Anderson - TPS Photography
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2016 and 2017 were milestone years for me, full of personal growth that brought me a new outdoor adventure family and a new personal project I am extremely passionate about.  This project illustrates female athletes who are forces of nature in their respective sports, bringing awareness to a small corner of the adventure and extreme sports world.  I wanted to show that strength and beauty coexist within a female athlete; we can get dirt under our fingernails one day and go out the next rocking our best pair of heels.

The athletes worked hard and collaborated with me to create a portfolio of images that stood out among standard adventure photography...dynamically lit and full of vibrant color, featuring the best and strongest athletes in the business.  After a while, the message started reaching several media outlets, including my favorite outdoor adventure magazine.  Normally, photographers are asked to submit previously photographed work to a photography magazine and covers and feature art are chosen from that pool of work.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have known that my first cover would be one where they asked me to photograph the cover, featuring the one thing I'm most passionate about!

I am thrilled to share with you guys that my first cover shoot with Blue Ridge Outdoors is on newsstands now!  You have no idea how excited I am to not only get this opportunity, but for it to feature what I am so passionate about: bringing awareness to amazing women who are making waves in the outdoor adventure community.  Wow...that's all I can say!  I'm humbled, honored, and thrilled to have this opportunity.  Thank you so much to Blue Ridge Outdoors for allowing me the pleasure of photographing and fellowshiping with five amazing women and for working so hard to highlight this area of adventure sports! 

Check out this video for some behind-the-scenes footage of our cover shoot and let us know what you think of the shoot, then click on the link below to check out the online version of the article.  Make sure and visit your local outdoor retailer to grab your own copy!


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Behind the Scenes: Forces of Nature cover shoot

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